Does It Snow In Spokane, Washington

Curious about the question, “Does it snow in Spokane, Washington?”. You’re in the perfect place! In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about the snowfall in Spokane, WA.

Does It Snow In Spokane, Washington?

This charming city in the Pacific Northwest gets a solid amount of snow each year. We’re talking about 45.4 inches on average according to Total Annual Snowfall Normal Statistiques from (1991 – 2020) presented by So, if you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland, Spokane is the place to be.

Why Does Spokane Get Snow?

Alright, let’s dive into why Spokane gets all that snow. First off, Spokane sits at about 1,843 feet above sea level. This higher elevation helps Spokane catch those beautiful snowflakes. The city’s location also plays a big role. It’s nestled in the Inland Northwest, which means it gets influenced by both Pacific moisture and cold air from Canada. When these two meet, voila! You get snow. Spokane’s unique position allows it to get a good mix of snowfall during the winter months.

Analysis Of Snowfall Data For Spokane, Washington

Analysis of snowfall data for Spokane, Washington according to Data Of Total Annual Snowfall Normal Statistiques from (1991 – 2020) presented by

  • July, August, June: No snow at all! These months are warm and perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking and picnicking.
  • September: The first whispers of snow might begin, with just a tiny 0.1 inches. It’s the start of cooler weather, but nothing to get your snow boots out for.
  • October: Winter starts to make an entrance with about 0.5 inches of snow. The air gets chillier, and you might see the first few snowflakes, signaling the onset of the snowy season.
  • November: Things get a bit more serious with an average of 6.2 inches of snow. Winter is definitely settling in, transforming the landscape into a beautiful winter scene.
  • December: Snow really kicks in with around 13.8 inches on average. Perfect for the holiday season, making everything look like a festive postcard.
  • January: One of the snowiest months, bringing about 12.3 inches of snow. Ideal for snowball fights, building snowmen, and all sorts of snowy fun!
  • February: Still lots of snow, with about 7.8 inches on average. Spokane looks enchanting under a blanket of snow, great for winter activities and cozy indoor days.
  • March: Snow starts to taper off, with an average of 3.9 inches. Spring is on the horizon, but winter still has its moments.
  • April: Snow is almost gone, with just about 0.7 inches on average. It’s starting to feel more like spring, but occasional snowflakes might still surprise you.
  • May: Practically no snow, maybe just a sprinkle of 0.1 inches. Spring is in full swing, and it’s time for flowers and outdoor fun.

Why This Breakdown Is Handy For Visitors

Understanding Spokane’s snowfall patterns is super useful if you’re planning a visit. You’ll know what to expect weather-wise and can pack accordingly. Plus, it helps in planning activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or taking awesome snowy photos.

Annual Snowfall Summary

Overall, Spokane, Washington receives about 45.4 inches of snow each year. This makes it a fantastic spot for enjoying all sorts of winter activities!

Does It Snow In Spokane In November?

You bet it does! November kicks off the snowy season in Spokane. Typically, Spokane gets around 6.2 inches of snow this month. As temperatures drop, the city starts to embrace the winter feel. It’s the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the early snowfalls of the season.

Does It Snow In Spokane In December?

December is one of the snowiest months in Spokane. The city averages about 13.8 inches of snow in December, so you can expect a truly white Christmas! The holiday decorations around the city look even more magical with a snowy backdrop, making it a perfect time for festive activities and cozying up with family and friends.

Does It Snow In Spokane In January?

January continues the snowy trend, with Spokane receiving around 12.3 inches of snow on average. It’s the heart of winter, and the snow-covered landscapes are at their most picturesque. Bundle up and enjoy the serene beauty of Spokane in the snow, whether you’re out for a walk or just enjoying the view from indoors.

Does It Snow In Spokane In February?

In February, Spokane gets about 7.8 inches of snow. Winter is still in full swing, and it’s a fantastic time to engage in winter sports or simply appreciate the snowy scenery. The days might start to get a bit longer, but the snow remains a central feature of the landscape.

How Often Does It Snow In Spokane, Washington?

Spokane experiences snowfall from late fall through early spring, typically from November to April. The city averages about 45.4 inches of snow annually, with the heaviest snowfall usually occurring between December and February.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Spokane If I Want To See Snow?

For the best snowy experience, visit Spokane in December and January. These months typically have the highest snowfall, offering the most picturesque winter scenes and plenty of opportunities for winter activities.

Does It Get Cold In Spokane, Washington?

Have you ever wondered, does it get cold in Spokane, Washington? Yes, it does get cold. Located in eastern Washington, Spokane experiences a continental climate with distinct seasons. Winter brings cold temperatures, with January averaging highs of 34.5°F and lows of 24.7°F. Snowfall is significant, averaging about 45.4 inches annually. Summers are warmer, reaching highs around 84.4°F in July, but the region’s inland position moderates extremes seen in other inland locations. Overall, Spokane’s climate offers a mix of cold winters and warm summers, influenced by its inland location and proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

The average temperatures are based on the analysis of temperature data for Spokane, Washington, according to the Total Annual Temperature Normal Statistics from 1991 to 2020, presented by


Now you’ve got the full scoop on Spokane’s snow situation. You’re equipped with the inside info on when and how much snow to expect. Enjoy the seasons and all the fun that comes with them!
So, there you have it! Spokane, Washington is definitely a snowy wonderland with an average of 45.4 inches of snow each year. From the first flakes in November to the last snowfalls in April, this charming city transforms into a picturesque winter destination. Whether you’re into skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, or just soaking in the snowy beauty from a cozy spot, Spokane has something special to offer. Now that you know when and how much it snows, you can plan your visit to make the most of Spokane’s winter magic.

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The weather data presented in this article is based on historical averages ( The Monthly Climate Normals (1991-2020) statistics from This information can help you understand typical weather patterns in the region and make informed decisions about travel, events, and outdoor activities. For example, you might use this data to pack appropriate clothing, schedule activities during likely dry periods, or prepare for potential weather-related disruptions.

However, please note that this data does not guarantee future weather conditions, as weather can vary significantly from year to year. Always check current weather forecasts closer to your planned dates for the most accurate and up-to-date information.